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This exclusive technology offers a real impact on your daily balance thanks to a powerful detoxification process. The body is warmed directly and causes an intense deep sweating. The many benefits present in the fieds of health, sports, aesthetics and well-being are felt instantly thanks to the unique Direct Heat concept.

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Whether the sport is done occasionally or intensively, the efforts lead to muscle fatigue and require a recovery phase. The broad spectrum infrared Direct Heat will then make possible the improvement of muscle performance. The cardiovascular system is also requested. Its profits will accelerate the recovery period and improve the endurance.


The environment in which we live is saturated with toxic, chemical pollutants that we store in our bodies. Our immune defenses are diminished and we are more sensitive to diseases. The purification, the detoxification are becoming an important concern nowadays. The Direct Heat infrared cabin will help you to eliminate these poisons from your body, and thus find a better quality of life.

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The weight loss is a fight that many people face every day. It is now easy to lose weight naturally. The Direct Heat infrared cabin allows effective action and reduces the appearance of orange peel. Firming of the tissues, radiance and drainage are integral to the benefits of this technology and promote the anti-aging process.


The feeling of well-being is often punctual. Here, the enjoyment experienced during the treatment remains present once the session is over. You will be deeply appeased thanks to the regular use of the cabin. The stress decreases, the sleep quality returns, the signs of chronic fatigue gradually disappear. A healthy and comfortable way to relax and avoid burnout.

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The nobility of the wood panels gives it all its performance to allow it a sustained use. A high quality product for a well-being in complete safety. You will appreciate an atmosphere of natural fragrance from the essence of wood.
Adapted models for person with reduced mobility.



Choose to tune the cabin to your interior, your business, or even to the logo of your club. A drawing, a personal photo; a customized formula. A trend designed for both the private market and the professional sector.



Let yourself be guided by your imagination ... it is your only limit. Some ideas of realization to personalize your cabin and to make it unique.

" the greatest secret for happiness is to be good with self "

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The infrared cabin is not a remedy used for the purpose of treating any disease. If you have an illness, consult a doctor without hesitation. Do not attempt to treat a disease by an infrared cabin by yourself without the control of a doctor.

The administration of vitamins and minerals, a healthy and balanced diet and the practice of daily physical activity must be included in any detoxification protocol.


they tested the direct heat cabin and they adopted it

  • Edwige L.

    I am a fan of the traditional sauna and the steam room. My only problem in these two cabins is that I can not breathe normally. So I wanted to test the infracab'in. The session lasted half an hour. I had a feeling of heat that comes gradually and progresses. The atmosphere is quite breathable and pleasant. Before entering the cabin, I had a problem in the right ear, I had trouble hearing. In one sitting my earache has disappeared and since it has been a month and a half since I have nothing left. I felt a sense of well-being after the session. It is a cabin that I recommend for a well-being, one feels invigorated, one feels calm and serene. It's a real wellness and I hope to do it again soon.
  • David B. Trail running

    Session very adapted to the practice of my sport, the trail. 30 minutes, almost immediate sweating, feeling of well being and recovery ... very healthy infrastructure, never seen! ... for me having tested traditional sauna, cryotherapy and others « infrared saunas ».... nothing to see ... at the top !
  • Allan G. Rugbyman

    When you come out of a match you always have bruises and contractures. It was my case; after a game I had the hit blocked and it was not possible to put my neck back in place since the muscles around were very tense, I also had Arnold's neuralgia that gave me migraines. So I did the INFRACAB'IN, it may be incredible but it's the truth; after half an hour in the cabin, my muscles were completely relaxed and cranial pains, present for 4 days, have disappeared. I went to see my osteopath the evening, my cervical muscles were completely relaxed and we were able to work and put everything back in place. And coming out of the cabin, I was completely relaxed, a feeling of zenitude. I was ready to resume training without muscle stiffness or contracture. It is just amazing the results of this therapy especially in 1 session and especially for the muscular relaxation.
  • Alain P. Doctor in Physics

    (operation of the elbow on 13.04.2018 and cabin on 16.04.2018) "It is top. All the water in my elbow has been drained. I gained amplitude so it resorbed the edema accelerating the circulation. What is the price of a cabin like this? I have a friend who has a big physiotherapy office, I'll talk to her about it ".
  • Christophe B. Marathon Runner

    A big THANK YOU for making me discover the benefits of infracabin. In full recovery of my last "100 kilometers", my body was able to fully appreciate an infrared session. The diffusion of the progressive heat is very pleasant ... the whole body relaxes and the sweating allows the elimination of the toxins accumulated during these long and violent efforts. I highly recommend.
  • Céline Q.

    What a discovery! An immense sense of well-being from the first time! Absolutely try Infracab'in infrared direct heat cabin.
  • Fabien D.

    A moment so nice !! The warmth of the cabin envelops you, with a sensation similar to a chimney fire that makes you feel good, but without the bite of the fire. To recommend !! I had a whiplash a few days before, and after the session I stopped the pharmaceuticals because the pain was gone.
  • Stéphanie P.

    A session at the top, adapted to what I need, because I suffer from edema, water retention. It is a real well-being for the health, one feels well like after a session of sport. It's a good thing. Do not hesitate, try Infracab'in infrared cabin! For my part, I continue !!! Thank you infracab'in.
  • Margaux D.

    A session of well-being and relaxation! This cabin is an ally, not only for muscle recovery, but also for health as a whole. I really loved.
  • Claudine M.

    Totally convinced by the infrared cabin !!! My daughters also loved it, we will have to install one at home.
  • Lionel B.

    My first session for me, I found it totally awesome! I suffer from skin problems and it did me a lot of good. Thanks again.
  • Christophe P.

    To have the habit of doing traditional sauna, then, very surprising at once, as very powerful but nothing unpleasant. And yes, the effects endures and we feel them for a long time. The sweating works visibly very well. To redo. Thank you.
  • Pascal P.

    Installation on top! Innovative cabin! From the delivery to the installation at infracabin, professionals from one end to the other.
  • David C.

    Sensation and well-being are at the appointment after a session. You have to really try to realize it. Infracab'in is summed up well on the depollution of the organism and especially we come out zen. To consume urgently !!
  • Christophe H. Naturopath

    Indeed, I did not know the infrared cabin but I was looking for alternatives to Sauna and Hamam to better advise my patients who have trouble "to activate" their skin (emunctory very effective for detoxification). In the Infracab'in the atmosphere of the cabin remains very breathable as the temperature climbs. Infrared lamps provide significant body comfort. The sweat, and this is the most important, is really profuse and you really feel that the activation of the skin is very deep (thank you infrared). And I continued to sweat almost 1 hour after the session! The detoxification seems to go, it's undeniable. In short, a very beautiful experience that I share here. It even makes you want to take a larger cabinet to equip this surprising "machine to detoxify"
  • Helene A.

    Thirty minutes of relaxation ... a gentle and pleasant warmth ... I am amazed by the feeling of well-being that invades my body. My neck has lost all its stiffness, I am able to move it in all directions. The sweating is immediate and I feel like my body is purifying and breathing. Late afternoon I put on my sneakers and go for a walk. I do not run, I fly ... A week later, I'm still in a cocoon of happiness. How is it possible ? This cabin is a true ally for sport and health. Thank you Infracab'in !!!
  • Thylane B.

    Simply amazing on the medical level and on the physical or moral well-being ... this cabin is registered on my wishing list ... it must be discovered at all costs.
  • Laurene C.

    Really great experience! Once we have tested it we adopted it! A big thank you to Infracab'in for his professionalism.